Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Choosing the right prompt

During my writing last week I had a problem with the writers craft. I picked a prompt that made it difficult to create a complete story from. The prompt was about to kids who were in math class and there wasn't a whole lot of potential in that prompt for a longer version consisting of 500 words but, none the less, I made it work. For future writers crafts I will have to try different prompts and see which one will create the best story out of rather than just choosing ant prompt at will. I suppose I should pick the right Other than that there were no other complications in my writing as far as I am concerned.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blog Post #2

                                                   Reflection Questions for Writer's Blog

        Lately while writing short stories based on the prompt given in class for the writers journal I have found myself coming up with an idea to complex or complicated for just a small story. When I start to think about what I should write in the journal I get all these ideas that I think would be good for the story but lots of times, in fact, almost all the time I can't even get close to finishing or getting the whole idea of the story across. So in the future I should probably start to think of simpler topics or plots to write about because I can actually finish them within the time given to write a short response to the prompt. The only problem with just coming up with small ideas and plots for the writers note book is that when I go to finish them in the writers craft they will pretty much already be finished. I suppose I will just have to find something basic but not too basic to write about.

         Another problem I find while I am doing the writers journal is that it has to be rather short in order too finish it within the time frame which takes away from me being able to put in much detail or descriptive words and other good stuff. I mostly just focus on whats happening in the plot and I try to get the idea across, which doesn't always happen. But I can definitely fix this when I do the writers craft because I have a lot of time to add what I like into the story and make it better.