Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Semester reflection

This year I have grown as a writer. Writing seems easier too me now, I am fine its easier to come with an idea and to write from that and turn it into a good piece.  All of my writing pieces this year I think were actually relatively good. At the beginning of the year I had some problems especially for writers craft. I came up with ideas too big to fits to a writers craft. It would take me more than the 500 words to make it a good story. I never had had problems with big essays though because I have as much room to write as I want or at least for the most part. Thankfully I have definitely improved on coming up with a good idea but one that's not overly complex or complicated just something that would work good in a short story. My latest writers craft was probably my favorite piece and is a great example of how I have improved. I came up with the idea for that story very quick and just went with it and it turned out great. I put my Mcmurphy characterization in my blog because I think that was a good piece of writing of mine. I really understood this book and how the characters changed so this writing piece was easy for me. All I had to do was organize my thoughts for this and what I wanted to say and then I put it on paper. This was a relatively easy piece to create. I also used my piece about how communities label people as handicap called "Handicapped isn't Helpless". This was a good piece and I think that I made some very good points about people with mental illness. That was probably one of my favorite pieces. The last piece I used was my favorite piece, "Happy to be Wrong". It was my latest writers craft and In my mind probably one of my best pieces. One of my writing goals was fixed. It was to have simple writing ideas that were good but not extremely complex so that I could make a story that makes sense and is relatively short. My new writers crafts were good examples of how I completed this goal and have made improvement on my writing. I hope to continue to make good progress on all of my writing goals and to keep writing better and better. There aren't many problems with my essays but hopefully I can improve on editing them so that I don't have to do as much in the second draft. In all I have made great progress thus far and I still have a half a year to go and hopefully I will continue to make progress.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy to be Wrong

I wanted to hear their conversation yet I didn't want to seem suspicious so I maintained my distance and just tried to listen inconspicuously. I had never seen them in this restaurant before which was strange because everyone who came here at this hour in the morning were regular customers whom I seen here many a time. The reason I was listening to them was that they were being suspiciously secretive they were talking real quiet and constantly looking around as if they were on guard but who was I to judge them maybe they were just some regular guys. Then one man rose up from his chair and stepped outside to use his cell phone. When he returned I heard him say to the other man "He will die tonight". Immediately I was concerned and I no longer wanted to be in this restaurant with these two men. I payed my bill, got up and headed for the door and I as did I made eye contact with one of the men for what seemed like an eternity. I tried not to look and see if they were still looking at me as I left but as I got I climbed up into my truck I saw them staring at me. I got out of There as quick as possible I was nearly sure I had just had a run in with the mafia but before I left I quickly took note of their license plate on their black Mercedes so I would know if I saw their car again following me.

I arrived home at around 7am it took a while to get home because their was lot of traffic going to the hospital which unfortunately was directly across from my house. For the next few hours I was constantly looking out of my windows on constant guard I had never been so frightened in my life. Every time I turned a corner or opened a door in my house I had a mini heart attack. Around 6 pm I was beginning to think that maybe I had everything all wrong maybe these were just two regular men and they weren't out to kill someone and maybe me to for over hearing them. Then again they did say he dies tonight I spent some time contemplating this and came up with some other theories as to what they were talking about although and it calmed me down a lot. At about 7 I went to my kitchen to prepare dinner and when I looked outside my window which had just the loveliest view of the hospital parking lot which came very close to my house and I saw the same black Mercedes from the restaurant. The men had just gotten out of their car and turned and it looked as if they saw me through my window and one man said something to the other. My heart skipped a beat I saw the men start to walk to the hospital. What were they doing!?! Were they going to kill someone in the hospital and come back for me? I had to stop them from doing this. So I grabbed a kitchen knife and hid it in my jacket and left my house and ran across the parking lot, I saw the men walk into the hospital and go the front desk so I followed them. They walked up a set of stairs and down a hall into a room. I followed and stayed outside the door and heard them talking to a doctor. " Great news," said the doctor " your great grandfather has made excellent progress today. We thought this might be his last day on this earth but he woke up from his 5 year coma and has been making a great recovery miraculously! He is still having some problems with speech and such but within a few months he will back to himself."
" Oh doctor we are so happy thank you so much for all you've done for him and us."
"It's just my job no need to thank me."
The men came out of the room and saw me and said "what are you following us or something? We have seen you everywhere today. Haha just giving you a hard time man." Then i thought to myself I had never gotten anything so wrong in my life and been so glad to have been wrong about it.

Handicapped isn't helpless

"Sometimes people are born with disabilities but its the communities that handicap them" this quote is from an anonymous source but whoever they may be they certainly know what they are taking about. What this quote means is a mental condition might not be a completely bad thing, people with mental conditions can be very smart, but some people perceive it as a bad thing. Some think that people with mental conditions are lesser than people without conditions just because they have a disability but it is quite the opposite in many cases. A good example of this is Christopher from "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" who is incredibly smart but has Aspergers. Another example is Raymond from the movie "Rain Man" who has nearly super human mental abilities because of his Autism. Lastly Temple Grandin is a college professor who has been extremely successful and now raises awareness of these mental disabilities.

"Christopher" in the novel "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" is practically a genius when it comes to math and logic. Christopher does complex math in his head to calm down and for fun! No wonder he is so good at it. Not to mention he got an A on his A-Level math test. He also solved the murder of "wellington" in a way. His smarts come from his thought process which is different from most people, he notices everything down to the last detail and at a relatively quick pace. When he was in the field he with the cows he noticed every details:
1. There are 19 cows in the field, 15 of which are black and white 4 which are brown and white. 2. There is a village in the distance which has 31 visible houses and a church with a square not a spire. 3. There are ridges in the field, which means in medieval times it was called a ridge. (141)
He goes on to mention that he noticed 35 more things about the field. Christopher also has good philosophy on some things like what he says about prime numbers  "Prime numbers are what is left when you have taken all the patterns away. I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you could never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them.” He is truly a very smart kid he just acts different socially and has a different thought process. Some people might just hear the word Aspergers and think that he isn't smart as most people but Christopher is probably smarter than most people. I would never say that Christopher has a mental handicap I would say that he has a different brain than most people.

Raymond from rain man is another one of these practically mentally super human people. He can retain information quickly and remember it very well. He shows his ability to do this by remembering the phone book through "G". He also notices details extremely quickly, which is shown when in the diner he is able to count all the toothpicks in a mater of seconds. Raymond is noticeably different from people without he has twitches and fiddles with things constantly and he has a very awkward social behavior. None the less Raymond has the potential to be a very smart man because of his ability to retain information and notice details. It is very likely that people would consider Raymond to have a handicap because in some ways he does. His social behavior is quite different from most other people. Though When it comes to his intelligence we might as well be the ones handicapped because Raymond's mental abilities far surpass most people.

The Temple Grandin from Ted talk has done a lot for the education of kids with autism, she is a professor, and has been a very successful person not to mention she is extremely smart. Like most autistic people she is incredibly smart in her field of study. On "Ted Talk" she talked about how teachers should be trying to get their students interested in something by using things that they like. For example I don't think that anyone would consider her handicapped after all she is quite successful. Having autism was probably a struggle for her as a child but it has also benefited her greatly by giving her a great amount of intelligence.

In all, Autism and Aspergers are disabilities in some ways such as affecting a persons social behavior and such it also change they way that they think. Yet these conditions can give them incredible intelligence. Which Christopher from "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" as well as Raymond from "Rain Man" and Temple Grandin have showed us. They are all great examples of people with autism who are very smart. Basically, these conditions are only perceived as a handicap even though they might not be, never would I consider them a handicap on someones intelligence.

McMurphy characterization

Jake Todd
English 10
By the end of part two of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" we have gotten to learn a lot about all the characters and how they act and why. Especially Mcmurpy who's character has seemed to change throughout the book although it hasn't really changed. Its just that now we view him differently just because we got to know him better. Anyways, as I was saying, we were just about sure that we knew everything about all the characters and that there weren't going to be any huge changes in any of the characters. When all of a sudden Mcmurphy goes and puts his hand through the glass at the nurse's desk. It was somethingI personally really didn't expect and I don't think anyone else did either. He had been playing a mental game with the nurse up until that point and then he made it a little physical. The reason he had kept it a mental fight before though is because the nurse could pretty much do whatever she wants with him if he did something really bad. She could give him shock therapy or even brain surgery. Although when Mcmurphy decided to do this I think it was because he had given up and just didn't care what the consequences were. I don't really want to believe that Mcmurphy has given up though because he had the nurse right where he wanted her and he is so stubborn and persistent. Unfortunately though it does seem like he has given up.

Why did Mcmurphy give up is the real question. Thats what I want to know, I have partial understanding of why or at least a hypothesis of sorts. It seems like he has given up because he learned that the men who are staying there don't actually have to be there. The whole reason that Mcmurphy was fighting was to give the men freedom and make things a little better on the inside. Everything he had fought for was all pretty much for nothing now because the men can leave whenever they want. They also chose to go to that place they weren't forced to. Some people might say that they think Mcmurphy is jealous because he has to stay there and the others don't have to and thats why he got mad and punched a hole in the glass. I don't think that is true because Mcmurphy has done everything for the well being of the group and so I don't think he would be jealous of them. Perhaps though he is upset with them and he has given up.

Blog post 5

For my writers craft I came up with an idea and just went with it and it turned out rather well. Generally I like to think about things before I write them for a little while but in this case I just dove right in and it turned out great. Perhaps I will do this more often where I stick with my first idea and don't stray away from it. It seemed to work well for this piece at least. I normally have a problem with making an idea that will fit into a short writers craft because they are always really complex but I have gotten better at coming up with simple but good ideas. I hope to continue to improve in my writing goals throughout the remainder of the year.