Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Encyclopedia of me

Alan Jackson,
I love most all types of music I really do. Alan Jackson is one artist that makes me stop and listen. To songs of his in particular I really love. Those songs are "where were you when the world stopped turning" and "remember when". Those songs really mean a lot to me.

As you can see ,due to the fact that all three of these posts are about music, I really love music. I constantly listen to music and play it. Since I was five I have played the piano and now I am in the concert band playing sax and also play guitar and bass on my own. Music helps me to think sometimes and it puts me in a good mood or helps me get pumped for a game or get amped up at the gym. Music is a necessary component of my life.

Practice makes perfect,
This statement is oh so true. I am a great example of this. I have been playing guitar for 3 years and I had a teacher for about one month when I first started. After that I relied on my self to learn how to play. I practice everyday as long as I can because I love to play. I would consider myself an incredible player not to brag. I can honestly say to anyone that practice does make perfect.

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  1. I wonder if "Practice Makes Perfect" could be your belief statement? It sounds like you are a great example of why this statement is true. It's pretty incredible that you taught yourself guitar. Keep this in mind for when we start writing our essays!