Friday, March 14, 2014


I encounter ads all over the place. Out on the street or on tv especially and also on the internet.  Advertisements about things I am interested in generally stick with me. Also ads that are really horrible or really good stick with me as well. For example Super Bowl  commercials or horrible ones like the chapter 11 furniture commercials. Super Bowl ads are generally real funny and that's why I remember them. If the ad is about something I want then I will most likely remember it just because I want whatever was on the ad. The commercials that are just absolutely horrible are also memorable because they are just so cheesy or plain or something to that extent. Some ads make me want to get whatever was being advertised. If I see an ad on the internet about some kind of guitar or a fishing pole or something then I will want to get it, even though I might not actually buy it. Some ads make me not want to buy that product. For example, I am never going to chapter 11 furniture I hate their ads. They are so plain and boring and repetitive. It's like they want people to talk about how horrible they are.

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