Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good fortune comes to those who deserve it.

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 "Good fortune comes to those who deserve it" a statement I really believe. However, I never even thought if it until I was In the third grade. My grandfather had been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. My grandfather is a great guy although he might look like he is a bit of a sketchy character. He certainly does not dress to impress. He is always in his work clothes because he is working almost all the time. He wears jeans with holes and paint stains, a shirt that is equally as dirty and an old hat that I'm pretty sure he has worn since birth. This reminds me of another statement of belief I have, don't judge a book by its cover. He is nice as can be even though he certainly doesn't appear to be that way. He works on his boat out on Chebeague Island where he lives. Everyone on Chebeague knows each other, it is a small community. So when the news came around that my grandfather was in a hospital in Massachusetts with bacterial meningitis everyone was devastated as were we and the rest of his family.

He stayed in the hospital for a long time. It was a a few months and he wasn't getting better. It didn't look good and we all knew it and so did he. Miraculously he started to recover and his condition started improving. It was really a miracle if I have ever seen one. Lots of people when they recover from bacterial meningitis have a handicap. This is because bacterial meningitis is an infection and swelling of the brain which can really mess someone up. Fortunately for my grandfather he didn't develop any handicaps and is now back at work on his boat on Chebeague island. It was a shock to all of us and the doctors how well he had recovered.

This is a great story for my belief quote. I believe that he lived because he was a good person and good fate comes to those who deserve it. I am a man of religion and I do have faith which is also probably why I believe in this statement so much. Some people don't believe this statement because they know they are good people and they don't seem to have much good in their live. I know everyone has something good in their life. Just think about it you have friends and family and all sorts of things. I hope I have been able to convince you that good fortune comes to those who deserve it.


  1. Powerful message Jake. I also very much agree with this belief and it helps me try to improve the way that I live everyday. Miracles are all around us and this one really shows!

  2. This was a good thing to write about. You knew a lot about it and that you didn't think he was going to make it but he did and you do a lot with him still great story.

  3. Hey Jake, Your story about your grandfather made me reflect on how many of our beliefs are shaped by what happens to other people, especially people we love. When you described him, I got a real picture in my mind of what he looks like, and you add the idea that other people might see him and judge him by his appearance. It really added to my understanding of your beliefs that you gave this description instead of only saying "he is a great guy... as nice as can be". Storytelling as a way of making a point can be very powerful. And belief in goodness is also powerful, a strong compass for living a life. I wonder what your grandchildren will say about you some day? I think I can guess...