Monday, March 31, 2014

Living Longer

I don't think scientists should try to make life drastically longer. They should definitely try to find ways to fight different disease and things but making life drastically longer might not be great. Becoming old is probably not a good time. There is a point in time where life stops giving you things and starts taking things from you. Living a longer life doesn't mean living a fuller one. Changing the length that someone lives won't make their life way better. When you get old you might not be able to do all the things that you wanted to do because well you are old. What scientists should do, if they could, is find a way to elongate the years of someone's youth and middle age and make the elderly years go quicker. What I mean is that it would be better if you could spend most of your life in good health and condition and then the years of decaying go quick. If scientists were to make a way to elongate life it would make many many changes good and bad. It would bring the life expectancy up and such.


  1. I totally agree brother. Making life longer could be bad brother, so I agree with you 110%. Love Austin

  2. I especially liked the beginning of this story when you were talking about things being taken instead of being given and that's so true. Keep it up big dog.