Friday, May 2, 2014

How does people view of success differ from one another?

Lots of people, in fact most of the world view success as money. If you have nice cars and a big house and a boat and other amenities then most people view you as successful. Which is most likely pretty true. Generally rich people have gone to college and worked hard all their lives to get an education. Some people get rich from sports or acting and they also work hard to get where they are. Those people are pretty successful. They aren't completely successful though. I think success is being happy. You need a lot to be happy and simply being rich mighth not get you complete happiness. You need friends, love, family, health, and other basic needs. Having money also definitely makes you happy and therefore successful. Other people probably have a different view of mine. They might only care about money or not care about money at all. I would personally say that success has a lot to do with happiness and hard work.

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